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Lybera quest are intended to get the basics of playing the game like hunting,looting,weaknesses,skills and are created for lvl1-11
Step 1: talk to Yamusa.
She will send you to siles

step 2: talk to siles. He will send you to get his shovel. Get it and bring it to him.[dont use a fire weapn down there] Rewards[shield,10 exp ,50 gold]
step 3: talk to james. He will send you to kill 10 frogs[4 exp per frog] .use a fire weapn as this is their weakness. Return to him when u killed 10.get [hood,exp]
step 4 : talk to skiron. Get the emerald. Get reward[legs,exp] if u want to make some gold ,drop the emerald before u talk to him and if ur done talking,take the emerald and sell at a shop[use hit weapn to kill spiders]
step 5 : talk to lupina. Open 6 wolftraps. Get back,get reward,take the portal,buy a shovel,go dig on marked spot,get mushroom,talk to lupina again[bring fire weapn to kill wolves]
step 6.
Talk to zewus. Get the parchment in slime cave and bring to yamisal.get reward

talk to yvvone.get white and black honey from hornets[use ice weapn to kill hornet]Talk to petor. He will send u to kill 25 wolves[bring fire weapn] reward: ice crystal+exp
Talk to zifliss
he will send u to get an emerald from a chest(2 floors down)use ice weapn.

Talk to yamisal
.get reward(wiz:staff o forgetting war:?? And exp)

Talk to yamisal
.get reward(wiz:staff o forgetting war:?? And exp)


Nah...just kidding. Your done with lybera .
TIRED?well get a drink and come back couse we are not done. You have finished lybera wich is the 2nd smallest island on tibiame.
Go to AUREA now